What is Align Fitness?

Align Fitness Studio is focused on building and maintaining healthy connections with individuals that have the desire to be the best they can be. An aligned person sustains a practice of physical effort combined with patience to create balance in their lives. Being aligned signifies an intention of grace and thankfulness for themselves and for others in need. Align is the place to find balance for your body, mind and spirit. Our talented team will support you in all of your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. We go above and beyond just teaching a one hour fitness class. Align has created a circle of friends who thrive on the connections and relationships with others. The aspect of support is key to our community and we consider our time together as our method of daily alignment. We offer alignment in the fields of barre, dance, pilates, yoga, and TRX. We also continue to educate our team to bring you the latest and greatest fitness classes to keep you engaged and of course sweaty! Align will not only be your favorite studio, we will be your escape, your passion, your family and most importantly, your place to Align.

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