To better serve our clients, we are developing individualized pricing to fit their unique needs. Please call 801-869-2752 or email to find out more.

New local clients can sign up for two weeks of unlimited classes for $39.

Types of Classes

All of our classes are for all levels. We are able to modify or advance each move for all abilities. So don’t sweat it, until you get here.


Barre is a high-rep, low impact total body workout that will leave your muscles feeling lean and sculpted! Barre combines the best ballet and Pilates moves for all levels and abilities. Our talented instructors provide a motivating environment with well choreographed classes using exercises that flow seamlessly together. You will leave feeling lighter, tighter and with that burn that is addicting.

Barre Sculpt

Using resistance bands, TRX straps or the Pilates stick for most of the class, this class adds a special element of sculpting to your barre class as never seen before! Barre Sculpt is designed to use your body weight & resistance to build muscle and increase range of motion.

Barre Burn

An extra spicy barre workout with quick transitions, cardio peaks, and deeply targeted core and glute sequences. We start with an energizing warmup and then proceed to work every major muscle group.

Dance Cardio

Cardio, but make it fun! A high intensity, choreographed cardio workout for all levels. This awesome dance and cardio fusion class is sure to make you sweat! Bring your sneakers and get ready to groove.

Total Body Conditioning

Grab your sneakers! This full body, circuit based workout incorporates strength exercises and cardio segments using equipment such as dumbbells and bands. We work every major muscle group in one workout!

Yoga Flow

This fiery Yoga Flow class will combine classic yoga poses and postures that blend together using your breath as a guide. Don’t forget your yoga mat!

Yoga Sculpt

The perfect combination of mind and body. Yoga Sculpt is a series of strengthening exercises and classic Vinyasa yoga poses. Using light and heavy hand weights to add resistance.

Yoga Stretch

This yoga class gives you a dynamic practice where you can build strength and mobility. Using breath to move through poses, the focus is mobility and stretch work.

Video on Demand Library

Currently, all of our classes are also offered virtually. We live stream them so you get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. Sign up on the schedule, receive an emailed link, and get ready to sweat.